For many people, surviving cancer is one of the most difficult and painful things they will ever experience, as it takes a great deal of mental strength and tenacity to endure cancer treatments. But even when cancer survivors complete their final treatment, they are faced with another set of challenges aside from cancer care.

Cancer takes a toll on the body both physically and emotionally, so it is important for survivors to know they are not alone. There are many services available to help survivors get back to the work or hobbies they enjoy and feel better using support groups, make-up techniques, wigs, or scarves. In addition to support services, there are many ways in which cancer survivors can improve their quality of life each day.

Living healthy after cancer

Whether you are still in cancer treatment or not, there are many ways to celebrate your strength as a cancer survivor. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet, get regular physical activity, and plan regular cancer screenings to ensure you live your best possible life.


Fill your plate with plenty of fruits, leafy green vegetables and high-fiber foods like whole-grain bread. Limit the amount of fat in your foods through different cooking methods; baking and broiling are best. Choose low-fat dairy products, limit red meats and avoid salt-cured, smoked, and pickled foods.


Research has shown that aerobic exercise improves how well you function physically as well as your quality of life. Try walking, bicycling, hiking, swimming or jogging to get your heart rate up. Alternate with strength training exercises to increase lean muscle mass, decrease fat and further improve metabolism.

Follow-up care and screenings

Follow-up care is important for continued surveillance and for catching any early warning signs that the cancer may have returned. Screenings, on the other hand, help monitor the parts of your body that weren’t affected by cancer. Regular screenings help doctors and patients detect early stage cancer before symptoms occur.

The best way cancer survivors can celebrate their strength is by continuing to focus on their health, so they can keep living their best possible life. HOPE Cancer Center of East Texas celebrates all cancer survivors and reminds them that taking care of their bodies is the best way to stay healthy and feel great.

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