Few things will have as dramatic an effect on your life as learning that you have cancer.

At HOPE Cancer Center of East Texas, we understand how a cancer diagnosis — and cancer treatment — can impact your life. That’s because we’ve been helping East Texans fight cancer for more than 30 years… with the same leading-edge treatments and care offered at large cancer centers in major metropolitan areas.

Hope Cancer Texas
Hope Cancer Texas

Providing East Texans real hope against cancer.

Founded in 1989 as Tyler Hematology-Oncology, our team of highly credentialed and experienced oncologists brings together the complete array of modern cancer care with genuine compassion and dedication to your unique needs. Today, with hope as our focus — and now as our name — our highly skilled doctors, nurses and staff use state-of-the-art methods, offer unsurpassed accessibility and provide the top-quality care you need… without having to leave East Texas to get it.

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Leading-edge care for all types of adult cancers.

As a regional authority on cancer care and treatment, HOPE Cancer Center of East Texas provides today’s most advanced treatments and the highest standard of care for…

• Breast cancer

• Colon cancer

• Lung cancer

• Prostate cancer

• Kidney cancer

• Cervical, uterine & ovarian cancers

• Gastrointestinal cancers

• Lymphoma

• Leukemia

• The whole array of other malignant and hematological disorders

Hope Cancer Texas
Hope Cancer Texas

East Texas’ highly credentialed and experienced cancer doctors.

At HOPE Cancer Center of East Texas, our doctors are the reason behind our reputation for excellence. Our oncologists are double- and triple-board-certified specialists who trained at some of the most prestigious cancer treatment institutions in the country. With diverse skillsets and vast experience treating cancer, our physicians are recognized as leaders in cancer care in East Texas. They are also known for combining advanced expertise and capabilities with an unsurpassed commitment to helping you or your loved one win the fight against cancer.

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State-of-the-art cancer treatment and complete services.

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality cancer care to those who need it. In pursuit of this goal for the past 30-plus years, we offer the same leading-edge methods, treatment protocols and top-quality care you’d find at a large, crowded cancer center, including:

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Genetic Testing & Targeted Therapies

Based on genetic markers, we can tailor treatments to target your specific cancer.

Complete Care & Coordination

As your cancer team, we ensure you get the treatment that’s right for you, from surgery to chemotherapy to radiation therapy.

Clinical Trials

Our participation in clinical investigations of anticancer medications offers new alternatives — and new hope — to people who aren’t helped by existing treatments.

In-House Lab & Pharmacy

Faster results and greater convenience.

Integrative Therapies & Support

We provide a wide range of support resources as well as access to therapies that can ease treatment.

Hope Cancer Texas

Fighting cancer with compassion, dedication and independence.

At HOPE Cancer Center of East Texas, we are governed by — and make decisions based on — our commitment to excellent medicine and unsurpassed patient care. It also means our oncologists collaborate with one another and coordinate your care with other physicians and caregivers. Because independence and leading with our hearts are what has driven our track record for success for more than 30 years.

Top-quality cancer care right here in East Texas.

We are here, so you can have today’s highest standard of cancer care without having to travel out of the region for it. Our five East Texas locations mean you have much easier access to top-quality care and treatment. We also can see patients more quickly than is typical at major cancer treatment facilities. Plus, our team makes the connections and does the work to obtain records and scans… and to help you set up and manage your other needed medical appointments.

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