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East Texas Pin-A-Sister conducts community outreach and education of minority health programs

The East Texas Pin-A-Sister group was formed in 2010 after results of the Tyler Affiliate of Susan G. Komen’s community needs assessment indicated a decrease in screening mammograms among African American women residing in Smith County. The goal of the program is to encourage women, specifically African American women, to receive screening mammograms.


  1. To increase awareness of screening mammogram guidelines
  2. To reinforce the importance of early detection
  3. To introduce the UT Health East Texas HOPE Breast Center’s genetic testing program

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer found in women, and one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Twice as many African American women with breast cancer die than white women, even though fewer African American women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Since the 1990s, deaths from breast cancer continue to decrease because of improved treatments and increased mammography screening rates. However, the death rate remains disproportionally high for African American women. Factors resulting in this high death rate are that African American women are less likely to receive mammograms and are, therefore, more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage when the cancer is less treatable. The Pin-A-Sister program increases awareness and assists in reducing the barriers for African American women receiving mammograms.

East Texas Pin-A-Sister is comprised of volunteers from the community conducting community-based outreach and education. Pin-A-Sister volunteers include ladies from churches, school districts, colleges and universities, health institutions and breast cancer survivors and their families in the East Texas region. The program is based on the Access Community Health program in Chicago.

East Texas Pin-A-Sister Outreach and Education Programs

Hallelujah to Health

This program educates African American women about breast cancer and connects them with screening and treatment services.

Pin-A-Sister Ceremony

This occurs in places of worship on a designated day. Women participating in the ceremony will pin each other with pink ribbons and pledge to take better care of themselves by getting annual screening mammograms.

The Witness Program

This is a community-based breast cancer education program through which breast cancer survivors and/or their families “witness” their journey of survival to increase awareness, knowledge, screening and early detection behaviors.

East Texas Pin-A-Sister Breast Health Posters/Bulletin

These are a series of posters/inserts featuring local residents depicting all the reasons women use not to get their screening mammograms.

Mobile Mammography Services

Mobile mammography services are provided by the UT Health East Texas HOPE Breast Center. The mobile unit travels to several locations across the community throughout each month to allow increased access to screening mammography services. For more information about mobile mammography or the unit’s complete schedule, click here.

Breast Health Summit

This is a one-day, community-based education event.

Statistics show that despite the improvements made in recent years, healthcare disparities remain among minorities in the U.S. Life expectancy and infant mortality are on the rise, but some groups experience more preventable disease, death and disability compared to others. Awareness, discussion and action are required to reduce these disparities.

The next Pin-A-Sister mammography screening event is Saturday, April 10, at St. Louis Baptist Church in Tyler from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

To schedule a mammogram, call 903-531-8000 and press 5.

For more information about the East Texas Pin-A-Sister program, contact Regina Davis at


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