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Warning Signs of Lung Cancer

Unfortunately, most lung cancers do not cause any symptoms until they have spread. However, some people with early lung cancer do have symptoms, making it possible to detect it earlier.

This is why it’s very important to visit your doctor when you first begin to notice symptoms. If you do have cancer, early detection and treatment of lung cancer at the beginning stages are more likely to be the most effective.

Before you read the following list of symptoms, it is worth noting that most of them are more likely to be caused by a problem other than lung cancer. However, it is... Read More »

Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Why you should detect ovarian cancer early if possible.

Here at UT Health East Texas HOPE Cancer Center, we’ve been helping East Texans fight cancer for over 30 years. We want everyone to be proactive and vigilant in their own personal detections of ovarian cancer. As we know how dramatically a cancer diagnosis can affect someone’s life.

Ovarian cancer can be challenging to detect in its early stages because the ovaries are small and located deep within the abdomen, therefore any growths that might be on them can be hard for a doctor to feel. Also, it can often be difficult... Read More »